Jal Minar

Details of Jal Minar

A Solar Based Strong Water Structure

KOSC Jal Minar - A Water Structure Made Of Galvanized Steel

With a view of making clean water more accessible, particularly in remote areas of India, KOSC has started to develop solar-based water supply structures known as Jal Minar. With this Jal Minar, the village communities will have access to clean water for drinking and other domestic purposes.

According to some information, the Jal Minar scheme was commenced in April 2018, a total of 1197 water storing structures have been constructed at a cost of 2.5 lakhs each in villages and anganwadis, which are in use.


How KOSC Jal Minar Works?

In Jal Minar, water is stored in tanks and supplied through a pip[e line with solar panels’ help and a submersible pump. Each of the “solar-based water supply” has an extension unit that ensures the households get running water from the tap. It is able to meet effectively the increasing demand for domestic water supply.


The facilities have made life easier for people in rural areas as they had to fetch water from tube wells and bore wells as these are the primary water extraction sources in rural India.


Needless to say, it caused untold hardship to women specifically and also children who used to walk kilometers to get water every day. With this facility, the life of villagers has improved considerably as they are having more time for leisure and for other work as the time was earlier spent on fetching water.


Significantly, the anganwadis and schools are enjoying the advantages of running water with this Jal Minar installation. So far, the solar Jal Minar, a solar-powered lift drinking water scheme is changing the picture of rural India which is indeed a milestone.


Moreover, having access to clean and running water has raised awareness of hygiene, health, and sanitation. The use of natural resources such as solar energy helps to reduce the electricity consumption effectively. The scheme also has brought smiles to the faces of people who previously struggled for this basic resource.


Benefits Of Using KOSC Jal Minar

To keep the water tank at a certain height with a strength, KOSC has brought Jal Minar, a galvanized steel structure. Buy Jal Minar to get rid of rust and other possible problems.


The solar Jal Minar is made of high-quality steel that ensures strength and durability for years.

* Get rid of Rust.

* Protects from extreme heat.

* Provide better resistance by tolerating water stress.

* Requires almost no maintenance and repair.

* Available in various sizes.

* Easy installation.



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Water Heater Capacity: Custom

Usage / Application: Water Tank

Material: GI Steel

Brand: KOSC

Color: Silver

Inner Surface Coating: Galvanized

Installation Type: Manual

Tank Diameter: 2000mm

Tank Height: 6000mm

Tank Volume: Custom

Price: 54000 Per Piece

Minimum Order Quantity: 15 Piece

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