Industrial Pipe Selections Guide

Industrial Pipe Selections Guide

Selecting an industrial pipe can be a headache! One must have a proper understanding of each and every detail related to it! So, here we come with a sleek industrial pipe guide which will help you in getting the right piece for yourself. From steel pipe to MS pipes, you need to understand the facets related to the respective pipes and select wisely for your specific needs.

The industrial pipe is a huge category of solid and fluid transport hardware. It is considered for different industries and applications. These industrial pipes are designed and manufactured with the use of different materials so that all forms of fluids and solids can be transported with ease.


If you think that industrial pipes are of the same cylindrical shapes, then you must need to dig in deep. Whether it is ERW pipes or MS pipes, the systems are exclusively infused with straight sections that are connected by fittings. These pipes are regularly taken into consideration in pressurized applications. When it comes to industrial pipe,  material specifications and construction of it is basically dependent more on its application. So, it is important that you consult all these things with pipe suppliers while selecting the best pipe for your respective needs.


There are different types of size choices available in the form of English sizes, wall thickness, metric sizes and also pipe schedule.

  • English sizes are basically the approximations of the size of the pipe. The smaller industrial pipe size will exclusively be carrying an internal diameter. And the ones bigger than the smaller industrial pipe will be carrying outside diameter.
  • Metric sizes vary from 10 millimeters to more than 1000 millimeters. You can specify the wall thickness numerically. You can also go for schedule size to acknowledge wall thickness. 
  • You can also assign schedule numbers to check with the wall thicknesses for any sort of pressure uses. The schedule numbers basically cover all pipe sizes right which is acknowledged as Standard, Extra Strong, and Double Extra Strong.

So, in this way, you will be able to acknowledge the size of the pipes while selecting for yourself and industrial needs.


Another thing which you need to keep in mind while looking for industrial pipes is the variety of materials used for manufacturing. There are a wide variety of materials for you to select from! Some of the different materials industrial pipes are mentioned below take a look:

  1. Aluminum,
  2. PTF
  3. Polypropylene (PP),
  4. ABS,
  5. Bronze,
  6. Brass,
  7. Graphite,
  8. stainless steel,
  9. PVC,
  10. Ceramic
  11. CPVC,
  12. EWR
  13. MS
  14. Carbon
  15. Clay
  16. Polyethylene (PE),
  17. Glass
  18. Concrete,
  19. Fiberglass
  20. EDPM,
  21. And more.

So, you need to select the respective material according to your given needs. All these pipes have different characteristics and you need to select wisely to avail the best benefits! You can always go to a reliable Pipe supplier and let your needs be clear. They will guide you through it and make your experience a lot better!

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