Pipe Company in Kolkata

Finding the best composite pipe manufacturers company in India is a very tedious job, since there are so many companies providing you with almost same products, at different rates. There are various general purpose pipe manufacturer who are specialised in manufacturing different types of steel pipes . You often get confused what to buy and from where. There are certain factors which makes a company best in it’s field, and here you are going to read about those factors.

Understanding composite pipes and it’s applications

We are talking about composite pipes since they have very high resistance to temperature, they are non corrosive, super handy, easy to use , very light and the best part is that composite pipes are super hygienic. They are used in our homes, offices, institutes, you name it. The main purpose for which these pipes are used is for providing clean drinking water and plumbing as erw pipes.

These composite pipes are far better than metal pipes in every practical way. They are durable, long lasting and extremely light in weight. Another very important reason why composite pipes are preferred because they can distribute both cold and hot water without getting rusted or corroded or getting clogged. Sometimes people select other pipes over composite ones may be because those are relatively cheaper but in the long run, those pipes prove to be much more expensive, since you have to spend a lot in maintaining them. With composite pipes, you can live a tension free life, there is no chance of bends, cracks or leakage problems.

Why composite pipes are different?

Composite pipes are different than other pipes because of the way it is made and the materials used in making it. The general purpose pipe manufacturers use premium quality  corrosion resistance technology in composite ms pipes. Besides that, these pipes are made with the use of thermoplastics, which helps in giving these pipes long shelf life. Composite pipes are multi layered and these layers are created with a lot of precision using cross connected polythene with a layer of metal aluminium. This aluminium layer in between the cross connected polythene layers provides extra strength to the pipe, thereby making it more strong to hold water. After these pipes are manufactured, they are made to undergo various mechanical and thermal pressure tests to check upon their quality and flexibility.

How to find the best manufacturer

Now the question comes on how to decide which manufacturer is actually good and which one is just faking it. There are three steps by which you can choose the best general purpose pipe manufacturer in Kolkata for composite pipes.

  • The first step by which one can decide whether a particular manufacturer is reliable or not is to see that the products offered by them are ISI certified or not. If the products are not ISI marked then just run from that manufacturer.
  • The second step is to go through the specifications of the product, this will help you to realise that you are getting the right product or not. The specifications can tell a lot about products. You must make your mind first on what specifications you want and for that you can read various articles, once you’ve made your mind about the specifications like working pressure, working temperature, thickness, durability, etc. check these specifications and then decide whether to buy it or not.
  • The last step is to go through customer reviews and feedbacks. Testimonials have proved to be vet helpful among customers in deciding whether to buy a certain thing or not everyone should develop this habit of going through reviews before buying any product or service. These feedbacks gives you a closure and helps you better in making a decision.

There are many excellent general purpose pipe manufacturers in Kolkata like KOSC which have been in this business for over a long time now and have made a big name for themselves. One can always trust them in providing a reliable composite pipe and other accessories too.

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