Different Types Of Scaffolding And All You Have To Know About Them

Different types of scaffolding

There are different types of scaffolding used to serve various purposes in constructions.

Do you know how many types of scaffolding in construction are available?

Well, here in this blog, we are about to discuss a few types of scaffolding materials.

Before we start discussing the different types of scaffolding materials, exactly what do we understand by the word “scaffolding”?

Scaffolding is just a provisional structure used to provide support to the original structure while functioning as a platform for the workers who perform the construction works.

Based on the different types of construction works, the types of scaffolding materials will differ.

The scaffolding materials ought to be well built, robust, and perfect to offer superior performance on supporting workers along with other types of construction materials laid on it.

In this blog, we will be discussing these following scaffolding materials.

• Beam Clamp,

• Spigot Pin,

• Construction Scaffolding,

• H Frame Tower,

• Cuplock Scaffolding,

• Shuttering Plate,

• Telescopic Steel Prop, and

• Adjustable Props.

To understand how many types of scaffolding work for construction projects, you can continue reading this blog for more information about the different types of scaffolding materials.

Let’s begin with the scaffolding materials.

Beam Clamp

Beam Clamps provide a simple and portable means of attaching a hoist with a runway or to lift a beam. There are two types of beam clamps available. One is the clip-on type and the adjustable type.

In accordance with the requirements, these beam clamps are used respectively. The majority of these beam clamps are designed for in-line usage only. It means the line of force must be at the right angles of the beam flange where it is attached.

Spigot Pin Scaffolding

Spigot Pin is also known as the joint pin that is used to connect necessary verticals end to end. This pin also has been extensively valued for delivering superior outcomes for being used as glass clamps.

These spigot pins are highly necessary for construction works and this is the main reason, one must choose a renowned and trustworthy designer and manufacturer of these spigot pins.

Construction Scaffolding

Construction Scaffolding helps workers move around a building safely in any direction they require. The usage is crucial in providing a safe and protected workplace where workers need to work at a variety of heights. Even the equipment provides support on height while ensuring safety for the workers.

Advantages Of Choosing Construction Scaffolding

* Safety and Support

* Ease of Accessibility

H Frame Tower

The H Frame Tower is also known as the standard scaffold, frame scaffold, and tower scaffold in the construction field. The setup of H Frame Tower consists of a combination of two parts including bottom and top ledgers, and h frame.

Generally, H Frame Tower is manufactured in two standard sizes: 100 / 100 cm and 120 / 120 cm. The parts of the H Frame Tower are placed on the subframe and installed in a tower-shaped. The process can be accomplished with manpower easily.

Cuplock Scaffolding

Cuplock Scaffolding is also known as staging and as the name suggests, it is kind of a temporary stage or can be called structure aiming to help people and materials move easily and safely. It also helps in completing construction projects easily and of course faster.

The scaffold requires to be strong and sturdy as weak structures can result in fatal accidents. It is one of the simplest structures and because of its simplicity, most of the time, it becomes a priority for construction works.

It helps in saving money and time while providing a stable structure to move weighed material and workers to complete construction projects. The structure comes with easy installation and that makes it easier to install without facing many problems.

Shuttering Plate

The Shuttering Plates are also known as the steel plates, M S Plates, centering plates and formwork or forma. Shuttering Plate is a main supporting material for the wet concrete poured during the casting process. It acts as a temporary base or vessel in which the wet concrete is poured before casting. The concrete is kept like that for hardening. After hardening, the steel Shuttering Plates are removed carefully without causing any damage to the slab.

Telescopic Steel Prop

The range of Telescopic Steel Prop finds its usage in offering complete support to slabs, floors, columns, walls, temporary beams. These come with a wide array of diameter collection from 57 x 2.5 mm to 48 x 2.5 mm based on the clients’ demand.


* Hassle-free performance.

* Accurate finish.

* Smooth polishing.

* Props manufactured using modern technologies and industry-approved material support that helps to provide sturdy and durable construction support.

* Construction formwork is adjustable steel prop.

* Telescopic Steel Props are checked in various levels of manufacturing using various parameters.

Adjustable Props

The Adjustable Props provide the ideal and cost-efficient method of support various kinds of formwork, slabs, beams, walls, and columns. They are also useful for a wide variety of applications in general building construction and repair work. These Adjustable Props eliminate the costly labor and time consumed in cutting timbers to length, wedging and also nailing when used in vertical as a prop.

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