Guidelines To Choose Scaffolding Products For Building And Construction
Guidelines To Choose Scaffolding Products For Building And Construction

Whenever there is a construction work going on, you see big frame like structure around it. These structures are called as scaffolding.  Scaffoldings are in use since ages as it is a big help in construction work. It forms an essential part of infrastructures.  Any scaffolding system used in construction sites serves many purposes. The most important among them is to provide access to the workers to reach to the heights of an infrastructure.

Why scaffolding system is needed?

Scaffolding is installed much before the actual construction work, as it is used by workers to reach to the elevated places of the building. The three main applications of using a scaffolding system are-

  • It ensures a safe work place. having a safe environment is essential to work and scaffolding provides that. In construction busines, the workers are required to  ascend to really high buildings and  with one wrong move a big mishappening can occur. Hence scaffolding system is used, so that the workers are safe and have no fear in doing their work. It provides a plane, wide and balanced surface so that many labors can move and work together at the same place, this also speeds up the work. Not just for workers but for public too, scaffolding is essential.
  • The second key application of scaffolding is easy access to the under constructed top floors of sky scrapers. It includes handrails at the very top floors for safety and security reasons
  • Initially ladders were used but then there was no plane platform, and ladders only helped workers to reach to the top but how to work over there was still a big task. It is when scaffolding came to rescue. Scaffolding gives a great position advantage to the workers and they have the ability to reach to any corners or ceiling of the building and work over there.

Types of scaffolding systems

There are a large number of scaffolding systems but the most popular ones are written below. If one is willing to buy or rent a scaffolding system then these can be good options for them. One must always understand their needs and requirement before opting for any type of scaffolding service.

1) Wooden and bamboo scaffolding

2) Tube and clip scaffolding

3) System scaffolding 

4)  frame and brace scaffolding

5) Suspended scaffolding

6) Mast climbing scaffolding

There are few regulations on how to build a wooden scaffolding, bamboo is used widely in India as it provides the public with three most wanted things which are flexibility, strength and eco friendliness. It is the most affordable type of scaffolding fittings. Not just in India, this is widely used in all over Asia to build sky scrapers.

The tubes and clamp scaffolding is one of the most oldest types of scaffolding systems. It is also called as a couple. It requires one of the mosteasiest ways to assemble it. You just need to join the tubes to make them big and long and then join the vertical tube with the horizontal tube using clamps. It can be used in extreme weather conditions and can turn into any shape due to it’s flexibility.

Systems scaffolding is in itself divided into four other sub types which are cuplock scaffolding, kwikstage scaffolding, haki scaffolding and staircase tower is the most used type of scaffolding and is one of the most efficient in this field. When it comes to commercial or residential constructions then frames and braces scaffolding fittings is more is light and has the ability to get erected very quickly.

Suspended scaffolding is like a swing set, it does not have roots on the ground but is used for helping workers with supplies and providing them with support. It works on a cable system. Just like suspended scaffolding, we also have mast scaffolding, the only difference is that it is used to carry heavy materials like bricks.

If you’ve come so far then Now you must have understood why scaffolding is necessary for construction work. There are many other kinds of scaffolding available too, you can search for the one based upon your needs. KOSC which is a Kolkata based construction and manufacturing provides various accessories used in construction, you can get the a good and efficient scaffolding from there at the most  affordable rates.

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