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An important element of Scaffolding - Cuplock Scaffolding

An important element of Scaffolding - Cuplock Scaffolding

It is made from 40 mm NB scaffolding pipes with special designed cups fabricated at every 500 mm to get optimum strength and support.”

If you are into the business of managing scaffolding, you must be knowing that the best type & most used scaffolding material/part is cuplock scaffolding system.

The reason it is the best because of the versatility & durability. It helps in efficient construction and support structures. Its application is also in diverse areas like construction projects such as bridges, houses, tunnel, chimneys, dams & factories.

One of the major advantages are its joints which are very reliable, hence giving high performance scaffolding structure. It makes loading & unloading highly convenient. Its benefit is that it can connect four components in one single action unlike before where tube and clamps were used to do the same task saving time & workforce.

You don’t require nuts, bolts, or wedges to fasten the horizontals. Hence no chance of losing any small parts. All the work can be done in 1/3rd time with Cuplock Scaffolding.

The material used are single pipes only, hence very convenient to transport. It also requires less space of storage and the life is much longer than other less reliable types of scaffolding.

The locking system of cup lock scaffolding is amazing. It is designed in such a way that it can be erected in a circular way; it overall reduces the chance of accident. So you should choose cuplock scaffolding manufacturers in india carefully, as there can be players selling duplicate products at a cheaper rate, don’t fall for that. Look for ISO mark and other precautionary measures.

If you are planning to buy Cuplock Scaffolding in India. Do buy from one of the top scaffolding companies in India. KOSC, KOSC is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and its products are as per BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards). It is one of the oldest and leading scaffolding manufacturer in India. Kosc is also into Manufacturing MS Pipes in India. Also if you are looking for scaffolding exporters in India, KOSC aces here also. Kindly get in touch on info@kosc.in or call +91 33 4000 7575 | +91 96749 36749 for best quotations

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