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5 Things to Remember When You Buy a Scaffolding

5 Things to Remember When You Buy a Scaffolding

If you are new to buying scaffolding, this blog is for you. So broadly you should go ahead to buy from those manufacturers who can produce superior & safe quality goods. Here are some of the tips to remember when you are going to buy scaffolding in India.

  1. Check on standards – So the 1st thing to make sure is to check the standard measurements. As Scaffolding is supported with various boards, tubes & couplers. We should keep a check for ISO Standards & certifications that completely supports the equipment load capacity.

  2. Evaluate Accessibility & TraceabilityIf you are planning to buy, do evaluate vertical accessibility which is essential for ladder extension. So to keep the traceability intact, do consider the manufacturing co. & warranty details handy as there is possibility that the equipment will fail to function on extensively using.

  3. Say no to buying Cheap Scaffolds – There are lot of companies who sell substandard quality scaffoldings at cheaper rates. But we forget that it increases the chances of accidents and can take away a human life. Do check the wear and tear status of the equipment and warranty insurance. Technical support and insurance will eventually lead to big savings in future.

  4. Check for technical support – As being on the client side, it will be impossible to note as to when a part of scaffolding might fail to function. So when it happens, it need immediate attention to avoid any delay in the project. Hence always buy from a company which provide an assistance of this sort. If these things are aligned, you will always end up saving time & money. It will also add up to ensure safety. It will also take care If there is a malfunction or non-working parts and make sure you end up spending repair or replacement of non-working parts rather than replacing the complete scaffold. There have been bad experiences where people actually need to replace a part of scaffold and end up buying a completely new scaffold.

  5. Testing – You just don’t purchase, you should get it fixed and tested too. End of the day it will used by humans. So make sure they do the complete testing and relevant check at check points before using it during projects.

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