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5 Places Where Scaffolding is Necessary

5 Places Where Scaffolding is Necessary

In the construction industry, one thing that must be taken care of is safety & convenience of workers. As they spent most of the time above ground level, it’s imperative to provide them with utmost safety measure.

The correct installation of scaffold is thus must be taken care off, one incorrect setup will result in injuries and can be life threatening. These injuries are preventable if we place the assemble the scaffolding parts properly. It’s a misconception that it can be used only during construction. Scaffolding material is used for various other purposes like:

    1. Cleaning Windows using scaffold –

Cleaning windows is one the major tasks for big hotels, hospitals & firms where the great aesthetic of architecture is of great importance. Since most of the windows are placed at a height due to proper flow of sunlight. It is utmost necessary to equip window cleaner with the right support & equipment to ensure safety. It gives them assurance and the job can be completed with ease, which is highly critical for these businesses. As clean & tidiness is one of an important parameter of judgement.

    1. Painting using scaffold -

As scaffold is required for cleaning windows, similarly required for painters as well. As all of you know, painting requires series of quotes. They should reach the same place at regular intervals to complete the painting, especially at the last patch. Many times ladders are used on scaffolding to reach greater heights, much precaution and some techniques are used for ladders to be steady and strong. They should build proper framework to support workers weight. Scaffolding helps in balancing and handrail support is a steady add on. It gives workers some comfort to complete the process with ease.

    1. Building Repair & Maintenance

Scaffolding are not only used during construction but also during regular checks and maintenance works. Unlike in paint & window cleaning, a lot of other scaffolding are also used like the H Frame, scaffolding towers & scaffolding staircase, suspended platforms and so on.

    1. Civil Engineering

As we work inside the office with leading a team, civil engineer job is far riskier as is dealing with labors and his job is to ensure all complete their work using scaffolding safely. They should take care of every small construction feature, if anything goes unplanned, it can result in some serious miss happening. With the help of skilled labors and scaffold, engineers can erect complex structure with utmost precision.

    1. Inspection

Inspection is done to keep a check on the credibility & safety of the structures be it a hospital, complex or business units. It involves reviewing critical parts of the infrastructure from safety procedures in place. Scaffolding is used to check all the safety standard and regulation to get rid of any natural calamity. Building which are very old are declared heritage and people are asked to move to other houses. If possible they can demolish a weak structure as well.

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