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4 Most common used Scaffolding in Construction

4 Most common used Scaffolding in Construction

You cannot start a construction process without scaffolding. Obviously it’s not just restricted to construction, it’s also used during repair, renovation and other menial tasks. In raw language, it basically helps construction workers access the work areas with ease. Hence scaffolding companies have come up with various permutation and combinations of scaffolding to do the complete construction work with ease. You will need a combination of scaffoldings to complete a task. So it’s very important to know the scaffolding towers to ensure the proper safety of your workers. Building scaffolding in India has picked up as it has eliminated the traditional format of construction. We will talk about the most commonly used scaffolding to give an overview.

4 most common type of scaffoldings are:

  • Support Scaffolding: When the elevation is huge and high, then support scaffolding is one of the most commonly used types. So if there are a lot of workers on a scaffold, then extra support may be required. It’s also true if long scaffolding is required. It is one of the most cost effective types of scaffoldin

  • Suspended Scaffolding: If elevation is too high you can’t have a standing scaffold from the ground as it can be very risky. Then we use a suspended scaffold. As the name suggest it is suspended from the top as can be seen in the picture. Mostly used during window cleaning/painting or wall cleaning for high elevated commercial buildings like banks & hotels.

  • Rolling scaffolding: This is similar to support scaffolding, the only difference is it is on caster wheels hence can be moved to and fro. The wheels can be locked so that the worker doesn’t get misbalanced and fall. All safety measures are intact. It is also mostly used during interior construction or deconstruction purpose. Add on elements can be during interiors and paintings.

  • Aerial Lifts: Athe name suggest it’s an aerial lift scaffold which are vehicle-mounted aerial form (scissor type). It lifts with telescopic and rotating bomb. This is also one of the common scaffold used during construction. Its biggest advantage is the flexibility in movement to and fro & up and down. A worker can work on multiple floors with just this scaffolding. In other form of scaffolding, one has to do a lot of preparation. A lot of time is saved in aerial lifts. It’s commonly used in installing windows on high rise building. Other than construction it is used on lamp posts and telephone poles.

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