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11 Important Scaffolding Safety Tips – Part B

11 Important Scaffolding Safety Tips – Part B

Continuing from where we left, let’s look at the rest of scaffolding safety tips:

6.  Keep a check on load capacity:
One of the common mistakes made during the design stages of scaffolding is failing to understand what are the different types of load scaffolding can take during construction & setup. In order to optimize the safety of everyone, try to keep a check on number of people can work at a time and standardize the process. Keep a check board near scaffolding to keep safety align. It is in the best interest to not overload by people or equipment, and that nothing is pushing against it.

7. Take advantage of guardrails:
The design of any scaffolding must consider a basic understanding the basics of safety. Hence during construction the company must ensure that any building have more than 2 floors or is above 10 feet should have mandate guardrails from 3 sides leaving the building side open for convenience of working smoothly.

8. Fall protection gear:
It’s a general behaviour that protection gear should be worn at a height and not when you are working on lower floors. It should not be so, it should be worn at all times while one is on scaffolding as standing at any height can be a risk.

9. Inspection:
There has to be a constant inspection in order to retain structural safety & integrity. There has to be internal inspection audit to ensure functionality of scaffolding. The most important of those parts are joints like cuplock scaffolding, clamps, couplers & shuttering materials. For bigger parts tubes & scaffolds. It will keep the safety element intact. It should be either done after finishing & before starting a new project or at 6 month interval to remove the wear and tear in the long run.

10. Act of Balance & Self-Safety:
The duty lies with the construction also to ensure their self-safety. Before starting up make sure of wind flow. Check your shoes for no greasiness, slipperiness or wear & tear. Check your clothes for any wear & tear, glasses if they are perfectly fine. Once you are up on any type of MS scaffolding tower make sure you are properly harnessed and balanced.

11. Keep things Organized:
Post a project is completed; scaffolding is dismantled and kept in a factory or storage. Make sure there is a proper numbering system to organize all parts. Each and every part (scaffolding clamps, structural tubes, cuplock scaffolding, shuttering material etc.) Is important. If any part goes missing, there will be delay in construction and also duplicate parts tend to risk the lives of workers.
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