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11 Important Scaffolding Safety Tips – Part A

11 Important Scaffolding Safety Tips – Part A

Scaffold can be dangerous if not fixed properly. However if things are done in a proper manner with a lot of precaution, working on scaffolding structures can be as safe as working with any other technique. I have divided it in two articles representing 5 important scaffolding safety tips each, so that I can go in depth for each points. Let’s look at first 5 scaffolding safety tips:
1. Get the right training:
So if you are planning to start any construction work with workers, make sure they have received adequate training and are educated with the use of scaffolding. It includes climbing up & going down from a scaffold. How to act during emergencies? , how to use rope &safety equipment’s with utmost precision. This will bring in a lot of professional & organized approach when using a scaffold.
2. Checking before using:
Never ever use scaffold before checking. Make it a procedure where once you get a green tick after checking all scaffold parts, you allow the usage. The most important element of any scaffold is its base, if the base is strong lot of other things can be avoided. The second most important are the planks where the workers stand. It has to be firmly fixed. The greater the height of scaffold tower, the higher the risk.
3. External Factors:
Suppose you have checked all elements of scaffold, don’t give a green signal rite away. There are certain external factors also which you need to keep a check on like weather condition, obstruction (like wires, birds, ropes hanging loosely) , elevation changes (scaffold can get into a complex structure and changes as you go up, so you need to keep a check on it).
4. Ensure everyone is licensed:
There are times when to get a work completed on time, manager’s higher inexperienced workers to complete a task. There workers are not licensed. They are given menial tasks like pickup trucks, uninspected building material. The process of hiring inexperienced is not only putting their life in danger but also other experienced workers. After work is completed, it also puts future occupant’s life in danger. Get them licensed and trained as claimed by OSHO (Occupational Safety & Health Administration).
5. Secure & stabilize the platform:
Building scaffolding in India can be a trick task, if not braced or attached properly to the construction building, scaffold will start moving & may dislodge after sometime, it reduces the stability and will lead to dangerous consequences. So there are variety of brace retention systems. These ones should operate freely during assembling & dismantling, & should also lock to prevent the brace from dislodging. So never replace the locks with cheap quality nails or substitutes. In India there are a lot of thugs so you make sure you buy from the top scaffolding companies in India.
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